Analysing an Advert

I have chosen to look at an advert for Haribo Starmix.

Purpose and Form

The purpose of this advert is to get people to buy Haribo Starmix.

Content and Meaning

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 15.29.28.png

In this close up we see a bag of Harbios being shared. This starts the advert off so you know what the people are talking about.



Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 15.34.42.png

In the advert we see a group of adults sharing a bag of haribos but talking about them as children. To do this the company recorded children talking about haribos and then had adults acting it out. This gives the advert a comedic element which makes the advert funny.


Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 15.41.15.png

In this close up we see one of the sweets in the starmix which shows the audience what they look like.





The genre of this advert is comedy.

Intended Audience

This advert could be aimed at children as the adults are behaving and talking like children so they would be familiar with the content, also the sweets are aimed at children as their age range usually like sweets. However it could also be aimed at adults as they would better understand the comedy in it. Perhaps it is aimed at parents to buy the sweets for their children.

Analysing a Film Trailer

I have chosen to analyse the film trailer for the film In Bruges.

Purpose and Form

The purpose of this film trailer is to get people to watch and purchase the film.

Content and Meaning

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 14.13.16.png

In this close up shot we see a priest but most of his face is covered and the background is very dark. The colour black suggests death, perhaps the priest is about to die. The fact that we can’t see his face could also suggest the film is quite dark and mysterious.

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 14.16.45.png

This establishing shot gives an indication to where the film is set. Even though there are some colours in this shot they are quite dull, again this suggests that the film is dark.

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 14.22.34.png



In this next shot we can see a man breaking a phone by hitting it against his desk. This could suggest the film is violent. There is also nice looking furniture and the man is dressed nicely which implies he is wealthy and perhaps in charge of the other characters.

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 14.28.41.png

In this close up shot we a man hiding behind a wall with a gun which implies he is going to kill someone and that the film is violent. He is also dressed smartly which suggests it is his job to kill people.




The genre of this film is comedy, crime and drama.

Intended Audience

This film is aimed at adults as there is a lot of swearing in it and references to sex along with lots of violence so it would not be suitable for children. It could also be aimed at people who like violent, dramatic and comedic films. It might be aimed at older Harry Potter fans as a few of the actors from harry potter are the main characters in this film.

Analysing music videos

Mr. Brightside – The Killers

Form and Purpose

The purpose of this music video is promote the band which will not only help them become more recognisable but also sell copies of their CD and song, get more people interested and familiar with their music and entertain their fans.

Content and Meaning

The song Mr. Brightside was written by the lead singer of The Killers, Brandon Flowers. Brandon Flowers wrote this song shortly after he caught his girlfriend cheating on him in a pub and the music video portrays this. The first shot we see is an establishing shot of the band.

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 14.04.19.png

In this shot there is a lot of red and gold which suggests it’s quite an expensive and posh place. However the red its quite bright and the gold is very shiny suggesting it might be cheap but is set up to make the place look nicer. This could also suggest that he is saying that the idea of love is amazing but really it’s a lie and only looks good from a distance. The colour red also suggests love and passion, for example the love Brandon Flowers feels for his ex-girlfriend. However the colour red is also associated with anger and violence, perhaps how he felt after finding his girlfriend with someone else.

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 14.17.09.pngThis next shot, which is a close up, shows the girl who represents Brandon Flowers ex-girlfriend. In this screenshot we can she she is wearing light colours and has white hair suggesting she is innocent and pure. But she is also wearing make up so her lips are pink and cheeks are rosy suggesting that she is trying to impress someone and  maybe isn’t as innocent as she seems. She is also leaning against her hand and looks bored, further suggesting that she is tired of her relationship and looking for someone else.

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 11.08.40.png

In this shot we see a close up of the man who represents the person Brandon Flowers found his girlfriend with. The man is hidden behind a red curtain suggesting he is hiding something. The connotations of red include passion and love, which suggests he is hiding who he loves, in this instance an affair. He is also spying on the couple suggesting he is jealous of their relationship.

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 11.42.31.png In this mid two shot we see the girl sat on the mans lap implying that she has moved on. However she is still looking at Brandon Flowers suggesting she is still with him and unsure how she feels towards both men. The other man however is only looking at her suggesting he is happy now as he has what he wants. There is also less red in this shot suggesting the girl isn’t really in love with the man she is with their relationship is based more on lust and jealously than actual love. One of the connotations of turquoise is refreshing, suggesting that this new relationship is different and things have changed but she is still unsure.

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 12.09.15.png In this shot we see him push her off his lap implying he is fed up with her as she isn’t really in love with him.


The genre of the song Mr. Brightside is rock.

Intended Audience

The music video is aimed at fans of The Killers as the music video follows the style of the music as it is alternative. It could also be aimed at new fans as there are lots of shots of the band and the lead singer.

 Emperor’s New Clothes – Panic! At The Disco

Form and Purpose

The purpose of this music video is promote the band which will not only help them become more recognisable but also sell copies of their CD and song, get more people interested and familiar with their music and entertain their fans.

Content and Meaning

This song is a follow on from This is Gospel and about Brendon Urie falling into hell. The song is also based on the Hans Christian Andersen story, The Emperor’s new clothes. In terms of how this relates to Brendon this song is written about the struggle he went through when his band members left as he talks about a new era when he says “Welcome to the end of era’s”  and he is accepting this and moving on, unlike the emperor in the story.
Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 09.58.30.png

In this birds eye shot we see a clip from This is Gospel which shows that Emperors New Clothes happens afterwards and to remind the viewers of the work that Panic! At the disco have previously done. There is a lot of blue and white in this shot making it look very clinical and hospital like. The background is black suggesting that this is the only place Brendon is safe. Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 09.58.00.png

In this mid shot we see Brendon has left the operating table and is running towards the light. The light is bright and white suggesting that it leads to somewhere good, perhaps heaven. He is also very dark as the light is behind him suggesting that he is a bad person and might not be going to a good place.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 13.05.52.png In this mid shot we see Brendon now falling through darkness. Connotations of the colour black include death, evil and mystery. This suggests he might be falling into hell, perhaps he has just died. He is also wearing a suit which again suggest he might be dead as people wear suits at funerals. We can also see he facial expression which shows us he is scared.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 13.13.35.png

In this moving shot we see skeletons and gravestones and the camera pauses on a skull. This again suggest he might be dead as he is in a graveyard, perhaps one of the skeleton belongs to him. It is also quite an eerie looking set with lots of dark colours suggesting he is in an evil place, possible hell.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 13.22.28.png

In this mid-close up we can see Brendon lying on the ground further  confirming that he is dead. He shirt is also covered in dirt suggesting he is in his grave and has been buried.



Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 13.22.58.png


In this mid shot we see a close up of Brendon’s hand as he begins to transform.



The genre of this song is alternative/indie

Intended Audience

This song is aimed at fans of the song This is Gospel by Panic! At the Disco as this music video follows on from that one. It could also be aimed at fans of alternative music.

Heathens – Twenty One Pilots

Form and Purpose

The purpose of this music video is promote the band which will not only help them become more recognisable but also sell copies of their CD and song, get more people interested and familiar with their music and entertain their fans. It is also to promote the film Suicide Squad  as the music video features clips from the film and the song was written for the film.

Content and Meaning

The song was not only written in a physical sense that in the film Suicide Squad the characters are locked away because of how dangerous they are, but also in a metaphorical sense that some people may seem harmful but their minds can be dangerous and that new fans of the band Twenty One Pilots should be weary of that.

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 12.57.16.png

One of the first shots we see is one taken directly from the film Suicide Squad. In the shot we see a high wall with barbed wire on top and a picture of a skeleton behind bars on it. This suggests the characters are at a prison and very dangerous, the skeleton also suggests that these people are not getting out and will die there, either from age or a death penalty. The wall is black and grey which again suggests they might die and gives it a dark feel.

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 12.59.05.png

When the song starts we see Tyler Joseph, the singer, walking around a corner with two guards behind him. He is also wearing an orange jumpsuit which suggests he has done something wrong and is in prison. Some of his face is also covered by shadow which implies he is guilty.


The genre of Heathens is Rap Rock, Alternate/Indie.

Intended Audience

This music video could be aimed at fans of the film Suicide Squad as it features scenes from that film. It could also be aimed at fans of the band Twenty One Pilots and of alternative music.



Production Roles (P3)

A) Written Communication

As a director it is important to have good written communication as they would oversee the script. I have written several scripts for projects I have worked on which will prepare me for this job. These include a script for a short film Platform 1 and a TV show Hallow Road which was adapted from a similar episode of Inside No.9. I have also written a script for another short film The Birthday Party. I have taken a creative writing AS level which has also helped me improve my writing.

Strengths – I have had lots of practice at writing scripts and are comfortable with the format and standard they should be.

Weakness’s – A lot of my scripts have been very similar to my own and others work. This could potentially be a problem as people may get bored of seeing the same sort of thing.

B) Verbal Communications

As a director is very important to be able to verbally communicate with potentially large groups of people to inspire and motivate them to do their job. I have good verbal communication skills as I am taking a drama A level which involves working with a group of people and getting across your ideas. It also involves being able to perform in front of large groups of people and speaking loud and clearly to convey your character. This experience would be useful for a director as it is important for directors to feel comfortable talking in front of people and getting across your ideas. I have also given a pitch for a TV show in which I had to speak clearly and confidently about my ideas. I have also filmed a wedding in which I had to talk to the Bride and Groom about what they wanted filming whilst being professional.

Strengths –  I have had a lot of experience with talking to people so I am usually comfortable doing this and can be professional.

Weakness’s – Sometimes I can get nervous talking in front of people.

C) Practical Production

A directors job is to make sure the overall project is worthwhile which can involve making tough decisions under pressure so it’s good to have experience with the practical production. I have had lots of experience making different types of films. For example I have directed several short films, a music video and a TV Show. During all of these productions I have had to cope with lots of pressure and make lots of difficult decisions which is experience all directors need. I have also had to work with other people on some of these projects so I’ve had to learn to work with other people as well.

Strengths – I have completed all film projects I have started to a good standard and I’m constantly learning new things.

Weakness’s – I haven’t been creating media products for very long and still have a lot to learn.

D) Creativity

Directors need to be creative in order to capture their ideas and have people enjoy watching their work. I have studied creative subjects, including Drama, Creative writing and Media Production. In all these subjects I have had to come up with plots for stories and expand on them until I have a strong idea. I have also designed a website which involved thinking about the appearance and making it stand out as much as possible.

Strengths – I consider myself a creative person and always pay close attention to detail.

Weakness’s – Sometimes my ideas can be very extravagant which can make things hard to get done in a set amount of time.





Types of Websites

There are several types of websites which all have different purposes, here are a few examples:

Social Media Websites e.g. Facebook

The purpose of Facebook is to enable people to be more connected each other and to the rest of the word by sharing there personal details, photos and opinions which can be seen by as many or as little people. Facebook can also be used to promote a business or organisation by setting up a page or group and inviting friends to ‘like’ or ‘share’ it, which allows more people to see it and share it with there friends who might be interested in the product or group.

The visitor needs for Facebook can vary depending on what the purpose is. For example most people who use Facebook use it as a personal website. They use it as an easy way to share things with all there friends, anything from upcoming events to how their day is going. Some people also use it to reconnect with old friends by simply searching for a name on the website.

People who use Facebook can give and find out a lot of information about themselves and other people. This tool can be useful but also very dangerous, especially when someone has no privacy settings, it is very easy to find out almost everything about them. There are several pieces of information Facebook will ask for while creating an account that will be displayed unless you change the settings for example, your name, birthday, job, school, relationship status, where you live and a picture of yourself.

There are several features on Facebook which allow people to communicate and share things with each other. The most obvious is feature is that each individual who signs up to the website has their own page where they can post anything and give details about themselves. One is by writing a status, which you can add photos or videos to, which can be seen by a select group of people. You can also privately message friends, or create a group in which each individual can message the rest of the group.

There are many benefits of using Facebook, for example it is one of the easiest ways to communicate with people, from anywhere around the world. It’s also easy set up a business page and get friends to ‘like’ it to gain popularity.  You can also create events pages and invite people to them, who can quickly reply at the click of a button.

There is lots of content on Facebook. This includes people’s statuses, pictures and videos. It also includes group and event pages, along with each individuals page.

Commercial Websites e.g. eBay

The purpose of eBay is so people can buy and sell things from all over world from clothing to mobile phones either new or old. eBay is well known and customers can easily search for what they’re looking for so sellers items have a high chance of people finding them.

The visitors needs can vary depending on the person. Some people use eBay to sell items, sometimes things they’ve made and sometimes things they’ve bought. If they’ve made the item(s) they may be using the website to promote their business. However most people use the website to buy things, including the most popular items; clothing and watches.

There is a certain amount of information you can find on eBay about an item. This includes size, colour and price and what the item is. You can also view that sellers feedback from other items they have sold to get a better perspective about what you are buying. Other information includes whether you can return the item if you don’t like it, whether the item is new or old and how many people have viewed and bought it.

There are several features on eBay. For example if you are looking to buy an item you can search for it in the search bar at the top of the home page. When you searched for an item you can scroll down through the different pages and view each item by clicking on it, this takes you to another page with information about the item.

The benefits of using eBay include being able to quickly and easily view items for sale. You can also sell items and either name you price or put it up for bidding over a chosen period of time.

The content of eBay includes buying and selling items from places all over the world. People can sell items they’ve previously bought or made themselves for any price, however this doesn’t guarantee the item will be sold.

Apple (Commercial)

The purpose of the Apple website is to show off and sell different products, for example mobile phones and laptops. They also offer support for their different products.

„I would say that for Apple all of the visitors needs are met because the website is very easy to navigate around.  All of the products on the website are very easy to find and all the customers needs are met. „On the website there is lots of different sections along the top bar that show all of the different products. This is the main way to navigate around the website by pressing on which tab you want.

„Once the customer has entered the website it is very easy to navigate around and look at the information. There is a bar going along the top with all of the different products on.  The customer can then click on what product they want to look at. In the middle of the page there is also photos of Apples different products that you can click on too.

„Within the Apple website there are lots of different features such as them selling their products.  Another feature that  Apple offers to its customers is support.  The support they offer is for people who don’t know how to use their products or if they are broken.

„You don’t really get lots of different benefits when using the Apple website.  You do get some such as if you buy on the website you get given a free year of Apple care. You also get free shipping if you spend over £20.

„There is lots of different content on the Apple website site such as all their different products that they are selling, support for their products. They also have imagines and videos on the website on what the products look like, their different features and how to use them.


Distribution and Advertising (P4)


One of the ways Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street was advertised was by a trailer. However the trailer was criticised for not advertising the film as a musical, there was only a short clip of one of the songs in the trailer which caused several audience members to walk out on the film upon discovering it was a musical. Several people also complained to the Advertising Standards Authority and the Trading Standards Agency that advertisements for the film were misleading on purpose in order to get more people to watch the film.

The trailer does however capture the horror and thriller elements of the film. Throughout the trailer we can see shots that are dark and gloomy which suggest that the film is a horror/thriller. We also see a couple shots of Sweeney Todd holding up a blade, which again suggest the film could be a horror and perhaps contain some gruesome scenes.


There were also several posters that were made to advertise the film that again, failed to mention the film was a musical.

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 12.49.41.pngScreen Shot 2017-06-06 at 12.48.36.pngScreen Shot 2017-06-06 at 12.50.00.png

Although these posters don’t mention the film is a musical they still managed to convey other aspects of the film. For example the main colours used are black and red. The colour black represents power, death and mystery while red can represent blood, danger, passion and love. All these connotations link into the films themes perfectly. The poster all feature the main character, Sweeney Todd, who is played by Johnny Depp, a well known actor, and would appeal to a large audience.

Online Videos

A few years after Sweeney Todd: The demon Barber of Fleet Street was released Tim Burton and Johnny Depp talked about the film on unscripted about how Depp got into character. Although they didn’t talk for long about the film, viewers would have been reminded about the film and possibly encouraged to buy and watch it.

Treatment – Semi-Automatic

The song I am making a music video for is Semi-Automatic by Twenty One Pilots which is just over 4 minutes long, which is quite a long time for a song so I will have to make sure I have a strong idea to engage the audience for this long.

Genre – The genre of the song is alternative/indie pop and the genre of the filming is comedy.

Meaning – The meaning of the music video is to show that people are unique and weird and that that’s okay. Twenty One Pilots, the band, also believe in this message and try to get this across in their music.

Visual Ideas – The music video will focus on the girl drawing a painting but never fully revealing it to keep the audience in suspense and to show that the focus is on the girl and not the painting.

Target audience – The people who will watch my music video will be fans of the song or the band. They also might just be people who are interested in art and painting.

Shooting Schedule  –

(For Filming)

Date Shot No. Location Crew Equipment Props Time in Time out
15/05/17 1 – 70 My house Abigail McKeznie-Dawton


Alex Gillam

Panasonic AC 160




2 studio lights


2 light stands

Paint supplies



10:00 16:30
19/05/17 70 – My house Abigail McKenzie-Dawton

Alex Gillam

Panasonic AC 160




2 studio lights


2 light stands

Paint supplies





9:30 12:30

How (Budget/Access) – 

Influences/References – I was inspired by the music videos OK Go – The One Moment and Gotye – Somebody that I used to know as both the music videos both involve paint.  There were also some slow motion shots in the OK Go music video that I thought looked good and want to use in my music video. I think these shots were interesting as you can change the audiences perception of time to keep them interested and watching the music video.

Content – The music video will feature a girl painting a picture and walking and dancing around her house to reflect the mood of the music. At the end of the music video the girl will smile and look at the painting but the audience never get to see it.

Props – the props would include an A3 piece of paper, paint, paintbrushes, feathers and glitter.

Costume – The girl would wear some leggings and a shirt to show she is relaxed and comfortable.

Make up – The girl would wear natural make up to show she is just at home and isn’t trying to impress anyone; she is just being herself.

Shots/Angles – I am going to use a lot of close ups of the paint and the girl so that the painting is not fully revealed and the video feels more intimate as the girl is alone and just being herself.

Location – The video is set in a house so I am going to be filming in my house. This is also convenient for me as I can film at any time. The location is also suitable for what I need and has all the props I need already there.

Actors/Casting – I am going to be in the music video as it is my house and therefore easiest for me to get there, also I know I can rely on myself to be there.

What the characters are doing – There is only going to be one character in my music video who is going to be painting, occasionally dancing and moving about her house.